Being a graphic designer isn’t just about skill. You’ll need the right set of tools for the job too. Let’s ignore the software that you’ll need for now. It’s first important to discuss the hardware accompanying you in this fantastic career.

The right gear is essential as some design software is demanding regarding specs. It’s also worth noting that the right equipment will also help you be more efficient at work. Here are some of the necessary tools you’ll need for the job.

1.  A Device For Working

The most important tool you need is the computer of course. Let’s talk about a few essential things first.

First off, you can choose between a desktop and a laptop. The main advantage of laptops is that they are more portable and usually cheaper than desktops.

However, desktops are generally the better choice. For starters, while more expensive, you can build a desktop piece by piece, so it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you more upfront. A good thing about this is that you can also replace PC parts to upgrade your rig.

Whereas in laptops, replacements are harder to install. If you want an upgrade, you’ll need to get a new one.

Desktops are generally more potent than laptops as well. This is an essential factor to consider especially if you’re going for a field like 3D modeling.

For desktops, there are a few specs that you need to be mindful of. Namely: GPU, CPU, and RAM. These will allow you to run the most demanding design software out there. It will also allow you to multi-task or run multiple tasks simultaneously.

You can choose between a Mac or a Windows PC. Most designers prefer Macs because they are much easier to use than Windows PC.

2. Mouse And A Keyboard

A good mouse and keyboard set will help you work more comfortably and efficiently.

For keyboards, most designers choose mechanical keyboards. Aside from being responsive, mechanical keyboards also produce clicky sounds, which are soothing for some. Gaming keyboards are also a great option, as they often have extra keys that you can remap to shortcuts for your software.

As for mice, you need to consider your comfort and the functionality of the device.

There are lots of mice that are ergonomically designed to protect your hands and wrist from strain. An ergonomically-designed mouse will let your work for hours on end without any problems. It’s also a bonus that it prevents carpal tunnel syndrome.

As for features, you should look for a mouse with extra buttons. Most gaming mice are like these. You can remap some of your shortcuts from the design software on those buttons as well.

That said, gaming mice are always the better choice. They’re highly responsive and precise, and they also include a good set of programmable buttons for your software.

3. Drawing Tablet

While a mouse and a keyboard will let you easily draw on your computer, drawing tablets are always the better choice as you can work directly with your hands. It will be like drawing with a pen and paper.

Animators mostly use drawing tablets, but even graphic designers for marketing agencies can make full use of these devices as well.

If you have a tablet like an iPad, you can connect it to your PC and use it as a separate drawing tablet.

Becoming a graphic designer can be an expensive journey. However, investing in the right tools will also give you the capacity to be a better professional.

Some agencies will give you access to the right tools from the get-go. If you’re hoping to become a freelance designer, invest in the proper hardware for the job.